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Strategy 1: Government Funded Investment Program

Do this one thing and you can cover the repayments on a $500,000 mortgage. See how this program spins off $25,410 a year. 


Strategy 2: Create $90,000 in After Tax Profits in 12-18 Months

Learn how to partner with experienced buildres to create a building at a wholesale rate and sell at a retail rate for a profit.


Strategy 3: Part 1 The Banker's Blueprint

This video is CRITICAL to understanding how to become debt free, painlessly. You will learn the formula that banks use to make billions and how we can copy it and use our lazy equity to eliminate out mortgage pain.


Strategy 3: Part 2 Where to get 8%

In this video you’ll learn how to earn a high rate on your money by copying the strategy widely used by Australia’s richest people. We take the proven formula and use it ourselves to automatically pay down our mortgage with long term contracts in place.


Strategy 3: Part 3 The Nitty Gritty

This is how to implement the strategy we learnt in lesson 2. We look for all the signs of a strong, long term, low risk opportunity to get our lazy equity working for us, automatically paying for our mortgage each and every month.

Tactical Video: Is Paying LMI Worth it?

Many people have an automatic knee-jerk reaction to Lender’s Mortgage Insurance. In this video we look at the numbers and let them decide. Can LMI actually be profitable and pay for itself? How much more will you make if you use it?

Simple Negotiation Strategy to Get a Lower Rate With Your Bank

Banks are proactively acting against you to charge you a higher rate. They have programs in place to make you what they call a “sticky customer” and charge you more money.

Robert Kiyosaki on Financial IQ

A one-on-one conversation with Robert Kiyosaki was one the of the key moments in my life, that completely altered the path I was taking. In the moment, it was the worst news I’d ever heard, I thought I was doomed.

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